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Welcome to the builder’s section of Mantle Repository!

This readMe file serves as a one-stop library to find all the relevant tutorials to get started with building on Mantle.

All tutorials listed below are built either using Mantle SDK or supported third-party tools. </br>

Complete Guide


Migration from $BIT TO $MNT



Developer Guide


Mantle SDK Tutorials



All tutorials can run in local enviroment,you can build local network enviroment with follow steps.

  1. Ensure your computer has:

  2. Start local L1 and L2.

    git clone
    cd mantle/ops
    make up
    # check status
    make ps


Additional Tutorials

Category Content
Mantle Onboarding Guides <ul><li> Getting Started with Mantle Guide: Deploying Via Remix </li><li> How to verify Contract via Mantle’s Mainnet Explorer </li><li> How to Deploy and Use Subgraphs on Mantle Network
Creative Tutorials <ul><li> Build your own EVM compatible bridge </li><li> Supercharge Ethereum Data Extraction with ChatGPT</li><li> How to Create an NFT on Mantle Tutorial Part I — Deploying the NFT</li><li> How to Create an NFT on Mantle Tutorial Part II</li><li>How to Create an NFT on Mantle Tutorial Part III - Viewing the NFT on Metmask </li><li> How to Build an Auction dApp on Mantle </li><li> How to Set Price of an NFT within the smart contract </li><li> “Part 1” - Beaconchain For Dummies </li><li> How to Create ERC-1155 Tokens on Mantle Testnet </li></ul>
Dev Education/ Ecosystem Blogs <ul><li> Mantle: Unlocking the Potential of Modular Blockchain Scaling </li><li> Censorship resistance properties of Mantle </li><li> How Do Verifiers and Fraud Proofs Help Secure Layer-2 Rollups? </li><li> Onboarding to Mantle Testnet: A Complete Guide </li><li> Mantle Vs Other chains comparison
Generic Dev Education Blogs <ul><li> zkBridges and Storage Proofs </li><li> What’s account abstraction and what does it mean for devs/users? </li><li> Understanding Blockchain Performance</li><li> How Do Verifiers and Fraud Proofs Help Secure Layer-2 Rollups?
Generic Dev Education Tutorial <ul><li> Solidity Series Part 1 </li><li> Solidity Series Part 2 </li><li> Solidity Series Part 3
Mantle Related - User Centric Tutorials <ul><li> Onboarding Guide to Mantle Mainnet
Partner Tutorials <ul><li> Connect RainbowKit with Mantle </li><li> Build a NFT Gating Dapp using Thirdweb SDK </li><li>Deploy your Mantle dApp using Spheron </li><li> How to deploy and use subgraphs on the Mantle Network </li><li> Ahhh I’m Huffing </li><li> Build a Crowdfunding dApp on Mantle using Ankr, Rainbowkit and Wagmi - Part - 1 </li><li> TokenPocket Integration With Mantle Network </li><li> Bitget Wallet Support for dApps on Mantle Network </li><li> Integrating Coin98 Wallet SDK </li><li> Deploying a Simple ERC20 Token Contract With on Mantle Network </li><li> How To Use iMe Wallet App With Mantle Network </li><li> How to Integrate OpenBlock Wallet With Mantle Network</li><li> Using Blast APIs With Mantle Network </li></ul>


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